COVID-19 Update

We are - not very surprisingly - receiving a lot of questions if the con will be cancelled or not. Sadly, in the current situation, we don't know what will happen in two days, let alone more than two months.

At this time we hope that the event will proceed as planned, but we cannot be sure, as it depends on factors outside of our control. The final decision, if the con will be held, cancelled or moved, will be made no later than on May 15th, based on the current situation.

Should I pay the con fee now?

Due to current situation, we are not going to cancel unpaid registration, until furher notice. If the con will be held as planned, it may be needed to pay fairly quickly, within a week or so, though.

Will you return the money?

We will, if the con will be cancelled, moved or you would be unable to attend (ie. foreign attendees with restricted international travel). If you paid via Czech wire transfer, we will refund you the full price paid. Other kinds of refunds (like international wire transfers) may incur some fees, that will be subtracted from the returned amount. In such case we will contact you and work with you to make refund in a way which is best for you. Of course you would be able to use the paid amount for next ZodiaCon or TFM.

(Monday, March 23, 2020)


The Czech Ministry of Public Health issued a decree that prohibits all events with expected attendance of 100 persons or more, until further notice. At this place, we won't judge the meaningfulness of this prohibition, but ZodiaCon is one of events that would be affected, if the prohibition will stay in place.

However, there are more than two months until the ZodiaCon date and we expect that the situation will be better by then and ZodiaCon 2020 will be held according to the schedule.

(Tuesday, March 10, 2020)

Unaccompanied minors

After nine years we decided to change the con rules so that unaccompanied minors are not permitted. Minors can attend only with parent or legal guardian.

The reason is that that if we knowingly allow unaccompanied minors, it creates for organizers legal consequences we cannot fully avoid and we don't have resources to fulfill.

(Tuesday, March 3, 2020)

QR Payments

You can pay the attendance fee for ZodiaCon using the QR payment and most (Czech) mobile banking apps. The code can be found at your personal info page.

Thanks Fou for the idea.

(Tuesday, March 3, 2020)

Registration open

The ZodiaCon 2020 registration was officially open.

(Monday, March 2, 2020)

ZodiaCon on Telegram

If you want to get near real-time information, communicate with us using Telegram.

We have official channel, which will be used by orgateam for important notifications during the con, like program announcements. It's low-volume channel and we recommend leaving notifications on.

For general chat, there is unofficial chatroom available.

(Friday, February 1, 2019)