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We created the official information channel of ZodiaCon on Telegram. We'll inform you there about scheduled events and other important announcements. It's recommended to leave notifications on, we won't spam you with lots of messages.

You can subscribe to the channel at https://t.me/zodiacon.

There is also a group "ZodiaCon 2018 Unofficial group" . We don't know who created it, we are not affiliated with it in any way and there is no public shareable link, sadly.

(Monday, May 21, 2018)

Choose your roommates - new feature of attendee list

You have just a few days to choose your roommates. To make it easier for you, we enhanced the attendee list with a new feature. If attendee has a small bed icon after their nick, they already have one or more roommates. Attendees without icon do not have any roommates.

(Monday, May 7, 2018)

Housing options

Unsurprisingly, the rooms available at the hotel have been quickly sold out. However we aim to please as many as we can and so we are offering three more housing options – you might even save a bit of money if you take them:

Standard rooms (500 CZK/night)

Due to limited capacity it is important that you pay as soon as possible – the deciding factor is the date of your payment, not the date of your registration.

Improvised common („shared“) housing at the hotel (150 CZK/night)

Just like last year, we offer improvised housing in one of the larger rooms which we will turn into a room with 10 „beds“ (mattresses on the floor for you to sleep on) and a shared bathroom and WC. The advantages of this option are that's still in the hotel

Low price Housing in TJ Horní Bradlo (120 CZK/night)

This year’s hot new option! (Aww-yeaah!) We managed to acquire 24 beds in TJ Horní Bradlo, roughly 1,5 km from where the con takes place. The beds are split in six rooms, each with two bunk beds. A common bathroom and a kitchenette are available.

While the conditions this option provides are quite spartan and the aesthetics pay homage to the 80s (czech 80s that is) it offers a lot of room, housing capacity and a very low price.Tent or some other form of your own housing (free)

We offer the option of sleeping in a tent. Your own. Which you bring. You don’t have to pay, it’ll be nearby and you will be allowed to use the bathrooms and toilets in the hotel. If you can figure out any other options we will probably allow them. (Yes: TARDIS, Floating castle, RVs; Maybe: APC, Cardboard box; Probably not: A tent on top of a Mûmakil )

Note: Many of you ask if ZodiaCon allows for bed sharing. We will not be managing it in any official capacity but we won’t be doing anything against it either. However, if you decide to bed-share, make sure everyone in the room agrees to it first. In case of complaints, everyone not oficially housed in a room will be asked to leave. Politely. At first, if that complaint does not force us to get out of bed.

If you are interested in any of the improvised housing options, please let us know using the site’s contact form. We will include you in the list for the housing option of your choice and lower your con fee accordingly. In case you have already paid the full price, we will do a partial refund.

(Friday, March 16, 2018)

Registration started

Registration for this year of ZodiaCon was just launched.

(Monday, February 26, 2018)