ZodiaCon 2017ZodiaCon 2017

Welcome to ZodiaCon 2017

We would like to invite you to ZodiaCon 2017 - the seventh year of a international furry convention. The name of ZodiaCon is related to zodiac, the astronomical "circle of animals" and you're welcome in our circle,  regardless of your species, size, fur color, sex or orientation.

This year bigger and longer!

Based on your feedback, we were able to make the con a day longer! This year's ZodiaCon will start on Friday, June 9th and end on Tuesday, June 13th 2017.

Another change for this year is that we are going to split the con fee and accommodation. You would be able to attend ZodiaCon without being housed on site. We are doing this change, because demand is higher than hotel capacity, so you are free to find your own accommocation nearby.

When and where will it be held?

ZodiaCon 2016 will be held from Friday, June 9thto Tuesday, June 13th 2017 in the Vršovská Brána hotel, Horní Bradlo, near Pardubice, Czech Republic. It's the same hotel as in last years.

The hotel offers 34 two- to five-bed rooms, the total capacity is circa 100 beds. Most of the rooms have their own WC and bathroom, some rooms have their own bathroom but share a WC (yeah, we don't get it either...). All the public areas and one room are wheelchair accessible.

The public areas are numerous - two large rooms and lots of smaller ones, giving us (well, YOU mainly) a lot of room for SIGs and other things. (Art show, hide-and-seek, hiding corpses...)

The consite is located in the lovely nature near the Seč dam, all part of the protected landscape area Železné hory (Iron mountains, how cool is that, eh?). Therefore besides having a cool name it has plenty of stuff to see.