ZodiaCon 2017

Next ZodiaCon will be held on June 8th to 12th, 2017 (Thu-Mon, one day longer than last year) at the usual location: the Vršovská Brána hotel (formerly ŠARZ Vršov) in Horní Bradlo, near Pardubice, Czech Republic.

This time, our Zodiac sign will be the Scales, or exactly, the scales of justice. Our tehme will be "roaring thirties", mafia rule and crime fighting in the 1930s.

The registration will be open by end of 2016. If you want to be informed, when registration starts, like us on Facebook or join our mailing list:

We'll protect your e-mail address and won't give it to spammers. We usually send only two messages every year: first, when the date of next con is decided and second, when registration is open, so you won't be flooded by us.

What is ZodiaCon?

ZodiaCon is international furry convention, being held yearly since 2011 in Czech Republic. Every year it attracts about hundered of attendees from many European countries.

The name of event is derived from the celestial zodiac, which can be literally translated to Czech language as "the circle of animals". The circle symbolizes that every furry is welcome, of every species, age, sex, sexual orientation, nationality... Every year has its own mascot, derived from zodiac sign.

The con is bilingual. All official announcements and virtually all SIGs are held both in Czech/Slovak and English.

ZodiaCon is also name of non-profit society, who organizes the event. For official information, see record in the official registry maintained by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic.