Frequently asked questions

When does ZodiaCon start and end?

ZodiaCon will start with evening BBQ on Wednesday, June 19th, 19:00. It ends with the lunch on Sunday, June 23th.

Is ZodiaCon in the same location like last year?

Yes. Only the hotel changed name from ŠARZ Vršov to Vršovská Brána ("Gate to Vršov").

How can I get to the consite?

That is basically up to you, you'll find navigation instructions on the front page. If you want to use public transportation, we recommend to go to Chrudim, we are able to provide transport if needed. Contact us, if you need more help!

Is the consite wheelchair accessible?

All public consite areas are wheelchair accessible. There is also one room specially equipped for needs of disabled persons (special WC and bathroom).

Contact us in advance, if you want to use these amenities, or if you need more information in this matter.

Do you cater for attendees with special food requirements?

If you have food allergy or similar medical condition requiring special food, please contact the OrgaTeam in advance. The hotel can cater for virtually any requirement, but we have to know about them before the con.

Does the consite provide with a cellphone coverage and Internet connection?

The consite has normal coverage by Czech GSM operators. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi Internet connection, although we aren't able to guarantee it will survive attack of furry technology.

May I take a dog or another animal with me?

Dogs are welcome at ZodiaCon, please contact us beforehand. Let us know you are planning to take a dog with you and specify what kind of a dog (sex, eventually character traits). We'll take that information in consideration during room assignments.

For safety reasons, we'll have to ask you for a vaccination pass (pet passport) of your animal with a valid stamp for rabies vaccination. Without this, your dog won't be allowed at the consite.

When I have to pay the attendance fee?

ZodiaCon does not have any fixed payment deadline. The only rule is that fee must be paid in full before con starts. But once we have full con and start to make waiting list, we ask all unpaid attendees to pay in about a week or to contact us and make special payment arrangements. If they don't pay nor contact us, their registration is cancelled and users from waiting list are admitted instead.

Who are the organizers of ZodiaCon?

ZodiaCon is being organized by the association going by the same name - see Legal section. The con crew members are (in alphabetical order):

Lots of further furries is helping us to make the con a success.

As far as the organization process of ZodiaCon is concerned, please, contact us using the contact form only. Only the information presented on this website is official and binding, especially the intel given in the sections News and FAQ.

Any other information gained in any other way (via forums, chats, IRC etc.) express only a personal opinion of that particular crewmember.