ZodiaCon strives to be a cosy and leisure convention, whose purpose isn't to overload attendees with a packed event schedule. You may meet with old friends and make new ones instead. So we don't have several track of competing events.

We have various SIGs and events, of course. But they are spaced out so there is enouch time between them. If you want to organize your own SIG, here is your chance - contact us.

This page will be updated with new planned events.

Thursday BBQ

Thursday BBQ offers interesting meal chances for carnivores, herbivores and omnivores as well.

How Not to Make a Bomb

With action movies being this year's theme, the traditional microelectronics workshop offers a logical thing to make: a bomb with red digital countdown. Due to current tense international politics we decided to forgo the explosive part and leave only the glowing red numbers.

You have the chance to build your own very precise digital clock, automatically synchronized with NTP server over Internet. Or universal Internet connected display, it's just about software.

This year you would not end with just a bunch of parts, but complete professional-looking finished electronic device. As part of your kit you'll recelie a sturdy lasercut acrylic case, which will give your device a stunning look.

Truth or Dare

Like every year, there is a chance to find out more about your fellow furries than you ever wanted to know. Truth or Dare is a game, where you have to thruthfully naswer any question or bear the consequences.

We will update this page with additional events.